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The Tib Bar.
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For stronger ankles,
knees, shins and core

Tip bars provide a unique and effective way to train the tibialis muscle for improved ankle function and mobility. Whether recovering from an injury or looking to improve athletic performance, tip bars deliver targeted lower leg exercises you won’t find anywhere else.

Strengthens the anterior tibialis muscle, defending against knee pain

Enhances ankle strength, flexibility, and range of motion

Improves stability, mobility, and aids in injury prevention

Boosts sprint speed, jump height, deceleration, and agility

Stronger and healthier lower body

This versatile tib bar focuses on your tibialis, ankles, and knees.  Its lightweight design allows safe progression as strength returns. The Tib bar was made for exercises that hit the tibialis from every angle. Its portable size makes it perfect for home gyms and on-the-go rehab. Learn more about how it can help injured athletes get match-fit faster.

Why to workout tibialis muscle?

The tibialis is an essential muscle for ankle and foot function. It is located on the lower leg and top of the foot and supports the arch and ankle joint during movement. Weakness or imbalance in the tibialis can lead to overuse injuries. Tip bars are an effective way to target and strengthen this muscle. The tibialis dynamically contracts and lengthens as you perform toe raises by lowering and lifting the bar in different stances. This builds strength and stability, helping to improve ankle function for athletic activities like running and basketball that require agility and quick footwork. Targeted tibialis exercises with tip bars can aid injury prevention and enhance performance.

Small and light design

With our tip bars, you can work out your tibialis and core everywhere! Why?

Targeted tibialis exercises can significantly accelerate rehabilitation protocols versus general leg strengthening alone. A well-conditioned tibialis allows the ankle, knee, and foot to move rapidly and precisely, enhancing sports performance requiring agile footwork.

Exercises that build the tibialis also transfer weight off the shin bone, relieving tibial stress fractures. Finally, even simple tibialis strengthening regularly promotes lifelong ankle resilience and injury prevention during everyday tasks. Keeping this small but critical muscle group strong pays big dividends for joint health and an active lifestyle.

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Are you ready to start taking control of your lower leg health? Browse our full selection of high-quality tip bars. Discover a product ideally suited to your needs, whether rehabilitation or performance-focused training. You owe it to your ankles to invest in their long-term strength and stability. Let us be your partner toward injury-free fitness.

What They Say


Far exceeded expectations

“I sprained my ankle badly playing basketball which sidelined me for 2 months. The Tib  allowed me to focus my rehab on my weak tibialis. After 6 weeks, I was back on the court pain-free!”

Michael J.

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“As a runner, shin splints and knee pains were always a problem. I do a few tibialis exercises daily with my Tib Bar to stay strong. No more pain on long runs!”

Jessica W.

Easy to use and light weight

“I’m an athletic trainer and see tip bars get athletes back to their sport quicker than other tools. The wide variety of exercises targeting the lower leg from all angles promotes faster healing.”

Mark H.

Strengthen Your Lower Body and Prevent Injury with the Tib Bar

As an experienced fitness enthusiast and athlete, you know that leg day is crucial for building functional strength and preventing injuries. But many common leg exercises like squats and lunges don’t directly target smaller stabilizer muscles like the tibialis anterior. That’s where the Tib Bar comes in.

The Tib Bar is an innovative ankle exercise tool designed to specifically target and strengthen your tibialis anterior muscles for better knee stability, mobility, and injury prevention.

Strengthens your tibialis anterior to provide knee pain relief and reduce shin splints

Builds lower body stability to improve squat depth and technique

Enhances balance, coordination, and ankle mobility

Allows for multiple exercise variations like leg curls, extensions, raises and core exercises

Compact, portable size lets you train at home, the gym, or on the go

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A Tib Bar is a specialized exercise equipment designed to target and strengthen the muscles in the front of the lower leg, particularly the tibialis anterior. Regular use of the Tib Bar can help alleviate knee pain, improve balance and stability, and sculpt toned, muscular calves.

A tib machine is a large and expensive piece of equipment found in gyms, while a Tib Bar is a compact and portable exercise device that you can use at home or take with you anywhere.

Yes, the Tib Bar is highly effective for strengthening the muscles in the front of the lower leg when used correctly and consistently. Many users have reported visible improvements in calf definition and reduced knee pain after several weeks of training with the Tib Bar.